Newborn cellulitis is rare and often atypical disease. It is a diagnostic and therapeutic emergency and its progress leads to instant death. We report three cases of neonatal cellulitis from the Neonatal ICU Department of Mohammed VI university hospital in Marrakesh, highlighting this rare, serious and unknown disease.

Case 1:

17-day-old female newborn admitted for sepsis and breast refusal since 5 days. Clinical examination revealed a hypotonic newborn, hypothermic at 34.2 °C with sclerema neonatorum. Skin examination found Erythema and edema on the left hemi-face with necrosis of the ipsilateral nostril. The blood culture had isolated coagulase-negative staphylococci. The newborn was put under triple antimicrobial therapy of 3rd Generation Cephalosporin (3GCs), gentamicin and vancomycin with good progress.

Case 2:

20-day-old male newborn, was circumcised ten days before admission, had sepsis with a fever at 40 °C evolving since 24h. The clinical examination found hard, hot and very painful inflammatory lesion starting at the scrotum and extending to suprapubic region and the start of the lower limbs. Blood tests revealed strongly positive infectious status. The progress was positive when put under triple antimicrobial therapy.

Case 3:

25-day-old female newborn, visited a traditional healer who gave her a mixture of unknown nature to apply on her face, hospitalized in our department for cellulitis of the right hemi-face extending to the periorbital and cervical region evolving since two days together with a fever. Infectious blood assessment was positive. The progress was favorable when put under triple antimicrobial therapy.


Cellulitis is a rare disease in newborn and it must be diagnosed early because it can be complicated into sepsis. The search for other localizations, mainly meningeal, is essential.

Keywords: Cellulitis, Newborn, Sepsis, Antimicrobial therapy, Neonatorum, Hypodermatitis.
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