The Situation of HIV/M. tuberculosis Co-Infection in India

The Situation of HIV/M. tuberculosis Co-Infection in India

Pradeep Seth, * Open Modal
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The Open Infectious Diseases Journal 06 Jul 2011 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874279301005010051


In November 2008, European Commission initiated a collaborative research and information dissemination project entitled “European Network for global cooperation in the field of AIDS and TB (EUCO-Net)” involving Institutions in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Italy), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia), Russia, South Africa, and India with the following objectives: a) to provide an overview of the state of art in HIV and TB research and disease management in different partner countries; b) to identify global research priorities; and c) to boost International cooperation between leading HIV and TB experts from Europe and those countries mainly affected by these two diseases. Therefore, in this report from India these objectives have been addressed under the following topics: i) Basic demographic data; ii) Basic epidemiological Data of HIV and TB; iii) Medical treatment standards; iv) Diagnostic Standards.

Keywords: India, HIV/M. tuberculosis co-infection, revised national TB control programme (RNTCP)..